Introducing the E. PETER HOPPER, A Single Mast, Tri-Leg Easel. Its Wide Mast and Top Tray provide stability for use with wide canvas. 

  • The adjustable height of the mast allows for a canvas up to 72".
  • The mast and carriage will tilt/lean forward and lock into position for pastel and mixed media painters, presenting options to your work methods.
  • The E. PETER HOPPER folds flat for convenient transport and storage (mast retracts into the frame of the carriage).
  • Each easel is hand built, testifying to the artisanship of the designer and craftsman.
  • With attention to detail, each easel is custom built for endurance and longevity and will stand the test of time.
  • Inset braces provide strength and a streamlined beauty and design.
  • Handmade, custom knobs, using exotic hardwood(s), make adjustment a tactile experience.
  • Your easel can be customized to specifications with a choice of American hardwoods:  Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Ambrosia Maple.
  • Hardware (nuts/bolts/bushings/slides) used in the construction of the E. PETER HOPPER are produced and assembled in America.