I am most excited about my beautiful easel! Love that it has a drawing board, which is perfectly suited for my needs, and the adjustability is brilliant design. Your easel is a piece of art in itself. Surely everything I create on it will be inspired. I will tell all my artist friends of your amazing easel!
— Laura Villanyi


In 2014, after years of observing how artists have evolved in attitude and approach to painting, John Rise, founder of American Design EaselWorks, began to look at studio furniture as a means of engaging the painter - bringing the picture plane/canvas to the artist, making the furniture user-friendly and easier to operate,  and most importantly, giving the artist the means to be more productive during the painting/creative process.

For those of you who use heavy duty canvas stretcher bars or paint on a BEST easel, then you are already familiar with John Rise.

In 1979 John began Best Artist Products. In 1995 he sold the company to Jack Richeson & Company.  Since that time John returned to school - he wanted to reconcile art history with his paintings, he traveled extensively to the major museums of the world to study the Masters and the surrounding architecture.  In 2005 John began teaching drawing at the college level.  When he is not with his students John is in his studio - drawing and painting.